5 things to consider when purchasing a laptop computer

Buying a new laptop can be a hassle. There are several factors that need to be considered before investing hundreds of dollars into your new computer.  I have broken down the 5 most important things to consider before purchasing your new laptop computer.

Size, weight, Portability

Laptop computers come in variety of sizes for many different reasons. The size of the laptop that you will purchase will depend on what you are using it for such as business, school, home, etc.

Netbooks are one of the smallest PC’s available besides tablet PC’s.  They were very popular when they were first introduced to the market but are being overtaken by much more powerful 10-12 inch laptops that are more affordable.  Netbooks are more compatible with home-only use rather than business or school use because of the low memory storage and no disk drive.  They can also be on more of the expensive side for what it can provide for you, we advise you to steer away from netbooks and get more for your money.

Thin and light laptops are on the uprise but competing with the dominate tablet PC’s out there such as the iPad 2 or HP TouchPad. Want to be able to carry a laptop computer that is the same size of the notebook you write in or fit in the folder where you hold your papers? This category of PC’s are becoming more popular not just because of the sleek look and portability but its incredible processors that make it just as powerful as any technology on the market.  Thin and light laptops are the best for the business man/women or student because of its ease to take from place to place backed by its high-powered processors.

Mainstream laptops are by far the most popular pick of all consumers.  With today’s economy being the way it is mainstream laptops are the best pick for most customers because of the prices and what they can offer.  Most laptops in this category range from $300 to $900 and wont win any contests for their features or performance but is great for the customer that is looking for the affordable long-lasting laptop computer.  Mainstream laptops are suitable for you everyday use with its 14 inch or larger display, big keyboards, and numerous ports. ElectroniConnection.com are most popular for these laptops because of their below market prices and free shipping.

Desktop Replacements have declined in sales year by year because of the technology above increasing.  There are pros and cons with desktop replacements as is for any other laptop.  This category of laptops are equipped with 15-17 inch displays, battery life no longer than three hours, and weight as heavy as 6 kilograms but can offer you incredible power and a wide range of performance parts.  We recommend this category to stationary businesses that need the power several users or activity.

Battery Life

Battery life should be a key aspect when chosing your new laptop computer.  The longer your battery life, the better option that laptop is for you.  The most important specs to look for in your battery is the number of cells and capacity(which are measured in mAh).  Cells are where the power is produced, ranging from 4-12.  Most laptop batteries have a rating between 2000 mAh and 6000 mAh; the higher, the better.  Some laptops come equipped with compartments that can hold two batteries or an extended battery.  Beware of batteries that cannot disconnect easily.  When your battery dies, you will need to take it in for service to disconnect it, which will be a large fee that is not needed.


Having enough memory is one f the most important keys to how fast and well your system runs.  The more RAM that you have the more applications you will be able to run at one time.  The memory of the laptop you decide to purchase depends on what you will be using it for.  If you are using it for business or school you will need more memory to hold your files, music, videos, Powerpoint, etc.  If you are using it for home use, you may not need as much.  Enough amount of RAM is necessary to run certain programs, games, and video and image editing.  Adding RAM is a great way to increase your laptops performance, but must have the correct capabilities to do so.  It is extremely recommended that you get a laptop computer with at least 4GB if you are planning on playing 3D video gaming, hold a lot of files, or video and image editing.


Intel Core i7

If you want a high performance processor the Intel Core i7 is the way to go.  It is now in its second generation, and is the fastest chip available to the market.

Intel Core i5

The Intel Core i5 is the most popular in mainstream laptops.  The Intel Core i5 is the workhorse of the industry, available in dual- and quad-core configurations.  Most usually come with the Intel HD graphics but will also be paired with other graphic cards as well.

AMD Phenom II

AMD Phenom II main focus is on power saving.  When purchasing an AMD Phenom II it usually come paired with another AMD graphic card to boost its laptops performance.

Intel Core i3

The Intel Core i3 is usually installed into computers that are not meant to be used for high-powered programs or mid to low-budget computers.  The Intel Core i3 is only meant to do the basic such as listening to music, internet browsing, or word processing.

Intel Atom, AMD C series, AMD E series

These processors are installed in netbook, or small portable computers.  They are very low performance chip, low powered chip, and should only be used for internet browsing or basic office use.  If you are chosing from one of the three listed one of the AMD series are the recommended brands.

Operating System

Choosing your operating system is the most important aspect to purchasing your laptop computer.  The hardest decision you will have is choosing from the two top competing brands; Windows or Mac OSX.


Windows is the most popular purchased operating system in today’s world, and offers ton of features. If you decide to go with windows you will need to decide from its Windows XP or Vista.  If you have chosen for the ultra portable or budget computers, opt for XP, it is faster and saves more battery than Vista.


Apple is emerging very quickly and has rapidly been growing all over the world.  Mac OSX includes its own applications that cannot be found with Windows or Linux.  These great applications include iTunes, Garage band, iLife, etc.  Macs are phenomenal for creative task such as photo and video editing or music production but if you do plan on using your computer for other professional engagments, we recommend going with a Windows PC.


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