How to Decide When to Buy New, Used or Refurbished Electronics

When people decide to buy electronics, they have to consider whether to buy new, used or refurbished electronics. Such a decision, however, is often complex in that many people make the decision based on cost, longevity, compatibility, technological advances, and overall usefulness and efficiency of the equipment or appliance in question. Any individual considering to buy electronics should first have a good background knowledge of the electronic equipment in question in order to make that big decision.

When money is no problem and taking advantage of the latest technological advancements is of great importance, buying new electronics is ideal. Buying brand new electronics is the best for frequently updated items. Frequently updated electronics include desktop computers and laptops, computer components like graphics cards, and mobile phones (including “smart phones” like the iPhone). Such items would often involve software such as operating systems and applications. Oftentimes, buying brand new electronics like computers and mobile phones also involves getting updated software. Brand new electronics usually assure people that they would last throughout their full life cycle. Other items that would be wise to buy brand new would be DVD and Blu-Ray players, digital cameras and camcorders, and plasma and high-definition TVs. Another tip for buys to keep in mind is that buying brand new is also best for non-upgradable items. Brand new electronics usually have the advantages of customer support and an extended warranty, something that can make a brand new purchase worthwhile.

For people under a tighter budget, buying used electronics is a good option. Because of updates by various manufacturers, used electronics tend to be cheaper than brand new. Items that are good to buy used tend to be items that enjoy a long lifespan. Examples of these would include sound systems, audio amplifiers, speakers and headphones, and electronic musical instruments such as professional keyboards and synthesizers. Upgradable items like desktop computers are also good items to buy used; however, this would depend upon particular working requirements by buyers. For applications that do not really need too much processing power such as some clerical work, a used desktop computer can be a budget-friendly option. People can also enjoy mobile phones for less by buying used instead of brand new. People can also choose to purchase used vintage electronics as found in valve/vacuum tube amplifiers although prices may be equal to or more than the price of a brand new item depending on its kind. One should expect that the lifespan of used electronics is relatively shorter compared to brand new electronics. They also tend to have limited or no warranty at all.

Refurbished electronics usually are used items fitted with new or replacement parts. In many cases, refurbished electronics are cheaper when compared to brand new electronics, making them another attractive option for buyers. Similar to used electronics, their lifespan is shorter than brand new. Due to their very nature, refurbished electronics also have voided warranties.

Given the general information provided regarding how to decide to buy new, used or refurbished electronics, interested individuals can now make informed decisions about doing so. One more important thing to keep in mind is, whether one chooses to buy new, used or refurbished electronics, is to test the items before buying to ensure that they are in proper working order.


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