Tablets Vs. Computers: What You Should Know Before Making Your Decision

Your rickety, old computer just crashed again? And this time you are determined to replace it with a new one? Perfect! But wait, you just remembered that slick and gorgeous iPad your friend uses and has hence become an envy for everyone! And that gets you thinking-should you go for a traditional computer or a tablet such as an iPad? The answer would depend on the nature of work you want to get done on it, the ease of use and portability and finally your budget. This article will help you make a right decision on which gizmo is best for you.

Now if you are a working professional who relies on a system to frequently run complex reports and software applications, while also requiring it to be compatible with most of the programs out there, then the decision is easy-get a computer or a laptop with a large enough RAM to power it. The tablets currently in the market simply can’t match the PCs and the Macs when it comes to speed and processing power. However, if you are a casual user who’s looking for a gaming and an entertainment device or would need for ‘lighter’ work like graphic designing, an iPad or a Motorola Xoom would suit you better, thanks to their brilliant graphics and hundreds and thousands of apps. Lets looks at what else should you consider before narrowing down your choice.

Apple and Android-based tablets have lately become more popular because of how easy they are to use and carry. Of course, there are smaller laptops called notebooks, but when it comes to ease of use, nothing beats a sleek, lightweight and portable tablet. Just stuff it into your backpack or get one of those protective cases that’ll keep prying eyes away from your iPad. And when it comes to functionality, tablets have the edge as they run on apps which are easier to use than softwares created for computers. And of course, navigation is way easier on tablets as they have a touch-based interface. Perfect for the youth, the young at heart (heck, aren’t we all!) and the not-so tech savvy people. So if ease of use is a major factor for you, a tablet would perhaps suit you better than a computer. If you are still confused on which gadget to buy, lets see a cost comparison of both.

Usually, a tablet is priced substantially more than a laptop with a similar configuration. Newer technology, portability and that oomph factor, all come at a price. And if you need enhanced features in a tablet (like a keyboard or more USB ports), you have to pay more. The good news is, with their increased mainstream popularity, these devices are becoming cheaper by the day. This coupled with budget friendly mobile plans from network providers means the iPads and the Xooms don’t really dent a hole in the pocket.

Choosing between a tablet and a computer is not a very difficult task; you just have make your decision based on the above and any other parameters you may have. Now go shopping and enjoy your device!


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  1. Tayor says:

    We used to keep all our softwares on the local machine, however it is a great deal better using the cloud. Everything is accessible almost everywhere and also the probabilities to shed usage of our data since reduced greatly.

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  3. Thanks for the post, was an intriguing read. Curious as to how you came about that solution.

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