Shopping Online, Safety Tips to Make Sure You’re Getting What You Paid For

With the huge popularity of online shopping sites on the internet, making sure that you’re getting what you paid for, and not exposing yourself (and your credit card) to potentially dangerous scams is of paramount importance. Online shopping is convenient, and can be the source of great deals sometimes, but for a safe online shopping experience arming yourself with the proper information before making that first online purchase is extremely essential. Below are a few tips that you should keep in mind to ensure safe online shopping.

1. Make sure you know who you’re buying from

It is always a good idea to know the merchant that you’re dealing with, especially with online shopping where there is no actual contact between buyer and seller other than through online transactions. It’s fairly easy to find and browse around online forums that discuss scammers and phishing sites that attempt to steal private information. Legitimate online shopping companies will never hesitate to provide multiple contact information in order to ask about or verify any online purchases, and most online shopping sites allow past buyers to provide feedback to seller’s profiles after each purchase.

2. Know if your personal information is secure

Checking an online merchant’s privacy policy is one of the first ways to ensure that any data you provide will not be used without your knowledge. Third party security organizations like TRUSTe and BBBOnline provide certificates for sites that ensure that their buyers are secure. Before you enter your data to any online form make sure that the data is encrypted. The web address (URL) should start with https:// rather than the normal http:// of unsecure sites. You should also be careful not to provide information that has nothing to do with a purchase like personal bank information or social security numbers. An ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure applies to safe online shopping as well.

3. Make sure that you have proper anti-virus software

Most anti-virus software provide tools to ensure safe online shopping, warning you of potential hidden malicious programs and pop ups that might allow others to view personal information without your knowledge. If you do, or are planning to do a lot of online transactions, investing on a good anti-virus software with online shopping safety tools is a good idea to keep in mind.

4. Maintain Transaction Records

A good safe online shopping practice is to regularly keep records of your online transactions. Printing out or electronically archiving receipts and shipping details helps you keep track of dates, fees and other information that would help you follow-up on and track your online purchases.

Your safe online shopping experience is usually proportional to the amount of care you take in choosing who you deal with online. The internet allows us to do many of our daily activities simply and conveniently, but it is never without its dangers. Online shopping may be convenient, but if you aren’t careful, it may cost you more than you would be willing to pay for. Keep yourself informed, and it will go a long way to keep online shopping an enjoyable experience.


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