The History and Legacy of Steve Jobs

Few people can ever claim to have changed the world. Famous people, in this age of 24 hour news channels, Twitter and the internet can come at a dime a dozen, actors, musicians, authors, politicians, activists, among many others that were successful in getting the attention of many people. Innovators and pioneers on the other hand are hard to come by. People who go against the odds and make a difference, those who leave legacies that advance their own field. And the legacy of Steve Jobs will surely endure, even after many of have gone.

Before we even measure how much the legacy of Steve Jobs has affected us, we must first look into the history of the man. The legacy of Steve Jobs after all becomes all the more impressive when you consider how he became one of the most famous men in the history of technology.

Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 to two unwed University of Wisconsin students and was then adopted at birth by Paul Reinhold, and Clara Jobs, Paul a machinist for a laser manufacturing company, and Clara an accountant for a high tech company in what would later be known as Silicon Valley. His adoptive mother taught him to read early, even before he went to school, and his adoptive father taught him in basic electronics, developing skills that, unknown to them at that time would contribute to the great legacy of Steve Jobs.

Steve frequented after school lectures at the Hewlett-Packard company during his days in Homestead High School in Cupertino California, it is here where he would meet Steve Wozniak during his tenure as a summer employee. Wozniak, along with Ronald Wayne would, in the future, join Jobs to co-found Apple Computer Co., the company that, more than anything else, embody the legacy of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs never attended college for long. Staying for only one semester, he later dropped out and basically lived the life of a transient for some time, and considering how far reaching the legacy of Steve Jobs eventually became, made his accomplishments all the more impressive.

After a stint in Atari, Steve Jobs would join Steve Wozniak after his invention of the Apple I computer, and along with Ronald Wayne and funding from Mark Markkula, would found the Apple Computer Co. in 1976, a flagship company where the legacy of Steve Jobs would be built upon. Originally created in the garage of Job’s parents, the company would soon grow to establish the standards on how personal computers would become, and establish the legacy of Steve Jobs and his colleagues.

Steve Job’s initial stay at Apple would not be smooth sailing. He resigned from the company in 1985 after disagreements between management policy caused rifts between him and John Sculley, then CEO of the company. This departure would not last however. After Job’s resignation, he founded NeXT computers, and eventually bought The Graphics Group (now named Pixar) from Lucasfilms in 1986. In 1996 Apple bought NeXT computers for a sum of $429 million, returning Jobs to the company that he co-founded, and eventually becoming the CEO in 1997. With Steve Jobs back in Apple, his brand of management and his demand for aesthetically appealing products brought back profitability to the company’s portfolio.

Revolutionizing the way we listen to music in the form of the mp3 player, and bringing smart phones and tablet pc’s into the tech race, the legacy of Steve Jobs is hard to miss in our everyday life. His drive to create innovative products changed the way that we view mobile computing, and will probably affect what we expect of mobile media for years to come.


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