Apple Producing the New iTV? Speculations on Apple’s Latest Product


Apple Computer, Inc. has undoubtedly changed many of the ways in which we view technology. Apple showed us that utility does not have to come at the cost of aesthetics, and that high end devices can be user friendly. Now the company that changed the way we listen to music with the introduction of the iPod, made us look differently at smart phones with their release of the iPhone, and then broke ground for mobile computing with their release of the iPad, are now setting their sights on changing the way that we watch television by developing what many technology analysts are dubbing the “Apple iTV”.

As with many devices that have come from the famous company, the rumors surrounding this Apple iTV has been many, and considering how secretive Apple is with their projects, quite hard to confirm for veracity. Accurately sorting between fact and fiction may be difficult, but with the demand for information about the Apple iTV rising, loyal Apple customers and curious tech buffs alike relish any news that they can get, though understandably, always taking it with a grain of salt.

The rumors of an Apple iTV has long circulated among technology circles for years, with claims that company executives had been planning for its development since 2007, with the late Steve Job’s biography revealing that he had “cracked” the method to create a TV with the simplest user interface that people have ever seen. It had been guessed by many that this interface referred to Siri, which even now Apple regards as still in its beta stages. For an Apple iTV to truly live up to the vision of Steve Jobs, several advances in the technology must be made, though many tech analysts claim that with the current developments in Siri as of late, it may actually be coming of age.

The effects of an Apple iTV to the television market would surely be huge. Apple’s products have a reputation for rewriting the rules for their niche and causing competitors to look for ways to stay abreast of the huge technological and aesthetic leaps that each product comes with. As to what the new features that an Apple iTV will come with is still a jealously guarded secret. Rumors of voice and motion controlled menus, connectivity with the rest of Apple’s devices and what Jobs referred to as the iCloud, and even touch activated screens have bred excitement within the tech community and apprehension with rival companies who are understandably trying to come up with features to rival the Apple iTV when it is eventually offered to the public.

The buzz on the Apple iTV’s release sets it at late 2012 or early 2013, with  various manufacturers now said to be vying for contracts to produce various parts of the product. Whether or not any of the speculations on the Apple iTV are true or not will have to wait until official information is made public, until then, both customers, technology enthusiasts, and rivals will have to rely on the rumor mills and make guesses on how this latest product will change the television market. 


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