From University Project to a Billion Dollar Company: How Google Got Started

ImageTo say that the Internet is a very large network is a huge understatement. With millions of users surfing millions upon millions of websites, and a seemingly endless amount of data available, trying to find specific information may be next to impossible without a tool to help you sort out all of this clutter. It is this premise that gave rise to search engines, a set of archives and indexes that made it easy to navigate the vast array of sites available, and to come up with the best search engine was the goal of Google’s creators. With innovative thinking that would be repeated throughout the history of Google, it would seem that the founders did just that.

Before Google even became the household name that it is today, other search engines had already been developed to try and catalog the ever increasing number of websites. It was not until Larry Page and Sergey Brin, at the time Ph. D. students studying at Stanford University, began to delve into how the relationships between web pages and backlinking  resulted in more relevant search results, that the concept of Google began to grow. It was their research project that marked the beginning of the history of Google.

It was in January 1996 that Page and Brin started a research project with the aim of developing the  enabling technologies for the creation of a single, universal, and integrated digital library. It was during this project that Terry Winograd, Page’s supervisor, suggested that he should delve further into the link structures and mathematical properties of the Web, a suggestion that Page admits, to be the best advice he had ever been given in his life. In March of the same year the web crawler that Page created began exploring the web, originating from its Stanford home page. Page and Brin then used the data to  develop a PageRank  algorithm to convert the information into relevant search results, thus the history of Google as a search engine started

By September 1998, inside a garage of a friend and with a $100,000 contribution from Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, the history of Google as a corporation began. By the end of that same year Google had indexed at least 60 million pages and was being touted by tech analysts as being more innovative than the current existing search engines at the time. From here Google began to rapidly grow, eventually earning over 100 million dollars in profit by 2003 and a capitalization of $23 billion by 2004.

Though relatively short, the history of Google is quite well documented, in part because many companies try to follow the innovative process that gave rise to it, and part due to the fact that it was now finding itself at the forefront of the even become part of the Oxford English Dictionary. Such achievements are quite amazing, especially for a company that is barely a decade old, but great achievements seem to be part of the reputation and history of Google.


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